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Surf / Tennis Kids Holiday Camps
5th Dec - 30th Jan 2010 / 2011

The Cheyne Horan School of Surf together with Craig Anderson Tennis is now offering children the unique opportunity to learn to surf and play tennis at our Summer Surf & Tennis Camps to build ocean awareness, confidence and surf safety skills whilst boosting their tennis skills with Craig Anderson. Learning these two essential skills early will set your children up for life!
Why learn one great skill when you can learn two?

The Cheyne Horan School of Surf is now working in partnership with International Tennis Coach Craig Anderson to provide a great holiday package for your students.

With the summer on its way, my surfing program teaches children to surf as well as providing a solid knowledge base in ocean awareness and water safety.

We hope that learning to surf and play tennis will provide your children with the opportunity to take up an interest for summer that may continue throughout their lives. Our Surf and Tennis School camp will help them to safely develop two new, fun and healthy activities over the school holidays.

Head Instructors:
World Surfing Champion Cheyne Horan
International Tennis Coach Craig Anderson

Easy to learn surfing techniques include:

Easy Learn to Surf method - How to catch and ride waves with control.

Safe You’ll learn to surf in waist deep water with easy to ride waves. We choose the safest and best area to surf in.

Fun soft surfboards will help you to learn faster and catch lots of waves.

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