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My history as a coach is as follows:

Beginner Surfers from 1978-2001
Started coaching at Bondi in 1978 taking on both beginners and professionals.
Pam Burridge throughout her career.World Womens Champion
Nicky Wood was the youngest to win a pro contest at 16 years of age.
Damian Hardman. I started coaching him when he was 13, he went on to be a 2 times world champion.
Todd Ingham who won Australian titles.
Mark Occhiluppo. I coached him as a kid on how to win pro contests and he has perservered to be the 99/2000 World Champion.
Wayne "Rabbit" Bartholomew who I coached to win Japan Cup pro contest also taught him how to do the "360" .
Rob Page. Coached him to win his first pro contest, the Pipeline Masters in Hawaii.
Shane Powell from the bottom of the ratings to No.2 in the world, also to win his first Pro contests.
Pauline Menzcer to win her first Big wave contest. World Womens Champion.
Luke Hitchings is now pro and will have his chance at a title soon.
Bondi Boardriders. 1st Australia teams challenge, Surf League, 84-86, 88 Captain coach.
Captain coach 84-93, Club Captain Bondi Boardriders from 89-93
Noosa Boardriders 93-94
Currumbin Boardriders 2000
Huntington Beach High School 1978
Brasil National team 1986
Hawaii National team 1988
Currumbin State High school 1999
Indonesia National team 1999
Australian National professional team.1st Australian team 1978,79,80,81,82,85,86 Captain and Coach
Australian Team Coached in Hawaii 1993
Australia big wave team in Hawaii 1993

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