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Cheyne Horan Cheyne Horan



The performance difference with the EZ3 compared to conventional fins is amazing!! It’s faster, freer, smoother, and more predictable. You know when you see someone do a nice snap in the pocket and they bury a long rail and catch. That doesn’t happen with the EZ3. Because the EZ3 is more hydro-dynamically efficient, it doesn’t grab as tightly on that rail, allowing the surfboard to move faster through the water and recover quicker. Also because it’s freer in the turn you can do tight arcs if you want to, instead of having the old fin make the whole rail bury meaning you have to ride out of the turn with almost a predetermined arc. The hydrodynamics of the EZ3 fin allow it to go through the water faster. With a shorter distance from the leading edge to the trailing edge of the fin, the water is released quicker. With a regular fin there is a much greater distance from the leading edge to the tip of the fin meaning that water tension on the fin is held longer, making it slower. The design of the EZ3 has been inspired by nature. Look at these shapes in nature, do they look familiar? For an eagle’s wing or an orca’s pectoral fin, dynamic performance is essential – again more similarities. The outline of the fin is the most manoeuvrable outline available, look at birds, fish, and dolphins they all have a very similar if not identical outline to their wings or fins. Look at where MAN has copied this design for performance.