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If you are interested in surfing lessons, please watch this YouTube video, which gives you are great idea of what to expect! We have qualified instructors and surf life savers and you only surf in waist deep water with easy-to-ride waves for your first Australia surf lesson. We choose the safest and best area to surf in. Fun, safe, and soft surfboards help you to learn faster and catch lots of waves. When we have lessons twice daily, for beginners and intermediate surfers.


RATED ★★★★½ On TripAdvisor

Private Lesson With a Master Sensei of Surfing!

Ninety minutes in his company was a treat and we certainly got closer to our goal of being able to surf. It was only a short stay on the Gold Coast this time, but we will be back and will take advantage of such a great teacher again. Even though it was winter, his good quality wet suits kept us warm in the ocean. A real treat to be able to learn from such a master!

– KMunnich
Amazing Staff! Fantastic Way to Spend a Morning!

Our coach Darren was incredibly well-informed and gave incredibly helpful instruction. There was no patronising or condescension at all, just a great teacher who wants his pupils to do well.His knowledge of surfing certainly came through in his teaching and his friendly and affable demeanour meant we spent the whole time laughing and having a great time.

– Sarah2215
queensland surf lessons
Great Father and Son Activity

Never surfed before but both good swimmers. Friendly staff and they are very easy to get along with. Surfing is a lot harder than it looks and glad we just did a basic lesson. Very tiring as well. They give you a wetsuit so you don't feel the cold water. My son and I had a great time and plenty of laughs. After 2 hours we were exhausted and it was plenty of time.

– J_and_A_33
queensland surf lessons
So Much Fun!!

Sergio was a great instructor, giving really clear and helpful instructions/demonstrations before having everyone try it on dry land and then taking it to the water. He gave personal attention to those who needed an extra bit of help while still being in control of the whole group. The lesson was so fun we can't wait to go surfing again and try out our new moves.

– Nio90