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Guided Surf Tours on the Gold Coast

Highly Experienced Surf Guides!

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  • Half-Day Tour (4 Hours)
  • Full-Day Tour (8 Hours)
Half Day Tour
Additional Surfer (Half Day)
Full Day Tour
Additional Surfer (Full Day)

Take a Surf Tour In Australia

Surfing the Gold Coast is an experience that every surfer must do in their lifetime. A destination that hosts perfect waves for all levels of surfers is one that we call home and we are confident in saying you are in good hands. On our Gold Coast surf tour, we take you to iconic Gold Coast point breaks such as Kirra, Burleigh Heads, Snapper, Duranbah beach, and our secret spots that we can go with very few other surfers. It’s our local knowledge from World Champion Cheyne Horan and crew that gives you the best surf options available. “Deluxe yourself”

Through years of surfing and studying the whole coast, we know how to put surfers in the right place at the right time when taking into account each wave’s complex variables of swell, wind, and tidal direction. When we go surfing we want to have fun! Our surf guide asks what kind of wave you want to surf and your favorite kind of surf. With our experience as surf coaches, we know the right surf spots to suit your board and your ability.

With World Champion Cheyne Horan’s surf experience, you learn the finer points of surfing and be dialed into each break, helping you get the better waves and some of the best waves of your life. Each surf spot has its own characteristics. If you want to get the best waves the coast has to offer, then go on the Cheyne Horan Surf Tour. The Gold Coast is a mind blowing collection of rights and lefts that on their day rival anywhere in the world. Whether you are chasing perfect long walls or barrels we have seen and surfed them all and are more than happy to share our secret spots with you on this Australia surf tour. The amazing thing about this place is the easy take offs and variety for long board and short board waves. The Gold Coast is the Disneyland of surfing for a surfer!

Photo Package Details

Cheyne Horan surf tours can provide you with a surf photography package. Our equipment and experience shooting from land ensures some classic surf shots. You can walk away with a disk of video of the trip to remember your journey of surfing the Gold Coast. Videographer includes disc $50 pp/hr.