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I hope you enjoy some of these old and new photos and clippings that I found.(most are clickable for enlargement)

Cheyne, Pagey, Occy Jack Johnson and friends Chycane Horan Yoga >
Waimea Bay 1981 on a 5'8" board the smallest ever ridden there

1.) Cheyne, Pagey and Occy on tour in Japan
2.) Jack Johnson and friends (including me and Paulina!)
3.) My son Chycane
4.) I have been practicing yoga for over 20 years
5.) Powerplay
6.) Waimea Bay 1981 on a 5'8" board the smallest ever ridden there

Cutback by Jeff Divine Warpaint Stepping out Cheyne and Larry Bertleman
1.) Using the Starfin - Cutback photo by Divine
2.) Warpaint
3.) Stepping out
4.) Must be hard to judge when it is two up like this, myself in foreground, Larry Bertleman on his distinctive twin in the background
Huntingdon Starfin Surfing Magazine Cover Cheyne shot by Crawford

1.) Huntingdon
2.) Board design
3.) Surfing mag cover shot - date and photographer not yet known
4.) Shot by Crawford

Brazil Odyssey Crew Cheyne and Robby Seeger

1.) 1st win on the Pro tour in Rio de Janeiro, Brasil at the Waimea 5000 in 1978 on my 18th birthday.(PT is second)
2.) Odyssey training with Poto, Tony Ray and Brian Keaulana
3.) Tow partner and mate Robby Seeger - Robby is a German and an amazing sailboard artist.
Waimea elevator drop with the rope cut. I am hideously caught in the lipTracks magazine covers my Coke win Shaved ice My first coaching assignment Paulina and Pagey Main man John Orr on Safari
1.) Barton Lynch, Owl Chapman and myself (in the lip) at the Eddie Aikau memorial contest at Waimea Bay in 1989.
     Three up at the bay is always heavy and I had to stall in the lip to avoid landing on (and possibly killing) Owl, I got whipped...hard. Photo: Keiko Kinosita
2.) Winning the Coke in Sydney in 1979, ripped from Tracks mag
3.) Jan 1978, North Shore Hawaii, Fisheye portrait, "Show me the money" Photo : Steve Wilkings
4.) Geoff McCoy pulled a team of hot grommets off the beach and appointed me "head coach", I am still coaching and surfing over twenty years later... Thanks Geoff!
      Damien Hardman (World Champion in 198?) was most successful out of this crew. Have a look at my coaching record since then.
5.) My beautiful wife Paulina and good mate Robbie Page at Waimea Bay for the 2000 Eddie Aikau memorial contest.
6.) John Orr, fisherman, waterman, mondo caddie and friend

 Fine crew of peopleMartin Potter looking like the surf rock star that he wasWinnng an Australian championship in Surf Life Saving A win over Tommy gun Carroll in the final They came in two by two

1.) Great group of friends in Sunset afterglow
2.) Good mate Martin Potter on tour in France in 1989 when he won the World Championship
3.) Wiining a Board riding teams Australian Surf Life Saving Title for Surfers Paradise Club
4.) Trophy hoist at the 2000 Quiksilver masters World championship
5.) More than a mouthful in France

Tom Carroll congratulating me on winning my first World title.Fan bannersBottom turn Hawaiian style   Ballistic Air with straps and STARFIN Japanese students at the Cheyne Horan School of Surf John Preston, Greg Wilson and myself 12 April 2001, Cyclone Sose

1.) On the beach in France after the final of the Quiksilver Masters Photo Pierre Tostee courtesy ASP world tour
2.) Fan banner, Steamer Lane 1990, Thanks!
3.) Bottom turning in Hawaii Photo : Barbour
4.) April 20 2002 Courier Mail Article about the XXL photo contest. Author: Greg Stolz Photo:
5.) 2nd May 2001 Gold Coast Bulletin Article about me using straps to go aeronautical.Author: Greg Stolz, Photo: Glenn Hampson
6.) January 2001 Gold Coast Bulletin Article about my Surf School and some Japanese students Author: Lou Robb, Photo: Glenn Hampson
7.) 4th April 2001 Gold Coast Bulletin BIG WAVES on the Gold Coast Author : Lou Robson, Photo : Glenn Hampson

Double Air 360 at Sunset Portrait by Aaron Chang
1. & 2.) Air
3.) 360 at Sunset
4.) Aaron Chang portrait
Look Mum! I'm in the cereal packet! Card 75 back Card 75 front Bondi crew in Surfing World McCoy Ad
1.) Hmm...people always said I was a card...
2.& 3) Back and front of collectors cards supplied by Mary Wernke, thanks!
4.) Bondi crew from Surfing World Photo : Aitionn
5.) McCoy Ad

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