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Rainbow Rock symbolRainbow Rock

There is a full new season range of Rainbow Rock clothing for both men and women.Visit again to see more garments as they are posted to the site. Also please check the T-shirt and incense range below

Rainbow Rock boardshorts.
Designed by Cheyne Horan for surfing!

  • 100% Nylon for quick dry and comfort.
  • Proper knee length with contrasting waist trim and drawstring
  • Available in Red with white trim and black drawstring.(shown)
  • Note: The colour is a Baywatch cossie type red
  • Velcro fly and stainless steel eyelets (wont rust)
  • Black with white trim and white drawstring
  • They are an excellent board short and they come with Cheyne's good vibe!
  • They are bargain priced at $A40 !! (that is a web price only) plus postage and handling costs to your specific destination.
  • Please email us to place an order.
Black boardshort with colour symbol patch
Killer Black boardshorts are our bestseller short.
Click on for enlargement

  • Security side pocket
  • Colour symbol patch
  • Super strong all cotton construction
Embroidered symbol
Embroidered front left leg "Rainbow Rock" symbol
Embroidered symbol and motto
Back embroidered
"Have a good surf" (Cheyne's motto)
with small Rainbow Rock symbol.
Click for enlargement
Velcro pockets keep stuff IN your pockets
Both left and right side pockets
velcro secured so your wax
(and anything else) won't fall out.
Raibow Rock stickers
Rainbow Rock stickers
Rainbow symbol cap
Cap with multi-coloured symbol front
Cap with front symbol and side motto
Cap with embroidered front symbol and side motto
Rainbow Rock T-shirts (below)
Pumping Iron in my backyard gym
In the weights room! wearing
Rainbow Rock symbol T-shirt
and red nylon boardshorts..
You can see another view of
the front of the Tee on the Starfin page.
Front print, click for close-up
Black symbol T-shirt front view

Water drop fluoro design

Postive Alternative design
Above Top: Rainbow Rock water drop chest and larger back print.

Above bottom: "Positive Alternative" back print with RR (featured right) chest print.

Smiling sun white T-shirt design
Above: Sunshine smile chest and larger back print
RR front print for "Positive Alternative" T-shirt
Incense & Stickers
Raibow Rock stickers
Rainbow Rock stickers
Range of incense sticks, click for enlargement

I have found incense to help with my focus whether it is surfing or Yoga and meditation.
These particular varieties I find very calming and therapeutic and I have been distributing them for a number of years.

In the photo at the top is my Rainbow Rock blend which I had specially concocted from the fragrances that I preferred.

I will send you an surprise assortment of five different packs of incense for $5 plus a postage charge.

Please email me to place an order, Thanks!
Suggestion Keep a couple of packs for yourself and give some away to your most excellent friends!

Copyright 2011 Cheyne Horan