Cheyne Horan Surf School

Surfing Lessons

1st Surfing Lesson

Our 'Learn to Surf' lessons have been developed from Cheyne's 35 years of surfing experience, including 20 years on the World Professional Tour - achieving multiple contest wins and the ASP World Title. Cheyne was inducted into the Surfing Hall of Fame and is a Accredited Master Surfing Coach.

"You are guaranteed to stand and ride waves or your next lesson is free"
Surfing Lessons at Surfers Paradise

2nd Surfing Lesson

25% off all lessons after your 1st

You'll continue to develop your board skills from your 1st lesson, while learning about correct techniques, ocean knowledge and conditions.

Lesson 2 Surfing lessons at Cheyne Horans School of Surf

3rd Surfing Lesson

25% off all lessons after your 1st

The 3rd lesson is a continuing progresssion of the 2nd.
All 3 lessons are different and comprehensive, learning new surfing techniques in every lesson.

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