Cheyne Horan Surf School
Byron Bay/Lennox Heads Surf School
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With the Cheyne Horan Surf School Intermediate Level 2 surf lessons, you get 35 years of experience from a World Champion - Cheyne Horan. Intermediate Level-2 lessons are for a surfer who is comfortable with basic turns and wants to progress to the next level of surfing techniques. This is where we teach you to perfect your techniques, creating speed and power to do the big moves, combinations and much more....

Improve your surfing techniques with the BEST

Our Surf School teaches lots of intermediate surfers to make that next step and start “ripping”. We assess all aspects of your surfing, the techniques you are struggling with and correct them, making surfing easier. You will learn what you need to do to surf well and more to work on.

These Surf clinics are small groups of 2-4 surfers and need to be taken in 4week - blocks once or twice a week. 1hr surf lessons $35 each 4 weeks paid in advance. These lessons are mobile. We meet at the best break for the maneuvers we are doing.

With Big Wave Rider and World Champion Cheyne Horan as head surf coach we have the ability to teach all surfing techniques on all levels. Click here for info.

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